Masa Ramen

Best Japanese Noodle Restaurant in Valencia, CA

Masa Ramen was conceived in an effort to introduce traditional and new variations of Japanese ramen to the West Coast. With a background as a Japanese chef and a familiarity with the Japanese restaurant industry, Masa began exploring ramen as a means of showcasing seasonal ingredients with exceptional flavors.

Masa's broth style ramen excels in integrating multiple flavors and textures to create a dish that will make your taste buds shout for more.

  • Masa Ramen Favorites

    Half pork half chicken soup broth with a soy sauce base to it. Topped with chashu pork, bamboo, corn, egg, Naruto ( white fish cake), nori ( dry seaweed) bean sprouts and green onions.

  • Masa Ramen Favorites

    White rice with Japanese curry (has onions and carrots inside) with a deep fried pork cutlet on top.

  • Masa Ramen Favorites

    white rice with pork chashu on top with lettuce, green onion, and sesame seeds on top.

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  • quote

    Absolutely love this place. Food is very fresh. Ramen is perfectly cooked. Very reasonable prices and friendly staff. I try to have something different off the menu on each visit and have never been disappointed.

    Lee J.,Palmdale, CA

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    Im not a fan of that thing food called ramen yet after i have eaten it in this place. just wow! amazing ramen i've ever tasted. i will just drop by soon and mostly definitely be back here.

    Olivia W., Spring, TX

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    A neat, small ramen restaurant. I liked that they have an open kitchen, and their waitress is attentive to customers. I ordered their miso ramen and spicy tuna hand roll. Tastes great! I recommend it to future patrons. :)

    Roman C., Los Angeles, CA